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Special two component strong binder for Stone Carpet applications

Stone Carpet Flooring Resin & Hardener

Formulated, Polyurethane, Transparent





Layer Thickness: 8mm Packaging Shape: A Comp. 20kg / B Comp. 5kg Tin Bucket Mixing Ratio: 4/1 (800gr A + 200gr B) Drying Time: 24 Hours Palette: A Comp. 36 pieces X 20kg = 720 kg / B Comp. 36 pieces X 5kg = 180 kg
CONSUMPTION 1 m2 > 1 kg (1.000 gr)
İç & Dış Mekan İç & Dış Mekan
Çift Komponent Çift Komponent
4:1 Oran 4:1 Oran
UV Dayanım UV Dayanım
Lastik İzi Bırakmaz Lastik İzi Bırakmaz
Kokusuz Kokusuz
Çizilmez Çizilmez
Aşınma Direnci Aşınma Direnci
Kaymaz Kaymaz
Darbe Direnci Darbe Direnci
Mekanik Dayanıklılık Mekanik Dayanıklılık
Çatlak Köprüleme Çatlak Köprüleme

Two component polyurethane. In combination with our quartz, glass and granite granules, sustainable, seamless surfaces can be produced with individually tunable drainage. Due to the unique formulation, achieves a light fastness of Stage 7 according to EN ISO 105-B02 and thus meets the highest standard - no yellowing.
The Anilo ANIX61-IE is a solvent-free stone carpet binder for professionals. Can be used for indoor and outdoor areas. Anilo ANIX61-IE resin does not foam and does not form CO2 gases in high humidity or accidental contact with water.

APPLICATION AREAS Living Areas All wet floors Parking, garages Walking paths
  • Polyurethane based
  • Transparent
  • Specially developed for exterior and interior resin
  • High pressure resistance
  • Permeable to water and air
  • Temperature and frost resistant
  • Easy to process
  • No frothing
  • Anti-allergic
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