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Special two component binder for Vertical Stone Carpet applications

Stone Carpet Vertical Resin & Hardener

Formulated, Polyurethane, Transparent





Layer Thickness: 6mm Packaging Shape: A Comp. 20kg / B Comp. 5kg Tin Bucket Mixing Ratio: 4/1 (800gr A + 200gr B) Drying Time: 24 Hours Palette: A Comp. 36 pieces X 20kg = 720 kg / B Comp. 36 pieces X 5kg = 180 kg
CONSUMPTION 1 m2 > 1 kg (1.000 gr)
İç & Dış Mekan İç & Dış Mekan
Çift Komponent Çift Komponent
4:1 Oran 4:1 Oran
UV Dayanım UV Dayanım
Kokusuz Kokusuz
Çizilmez Çizilmez
Aşınma Direnci Aşınma Direnci
Dikey Dikey
Güçlü Dikey Tutuş Güçlü Dikey Tutuş
Darbe Direnci Darbe Direnci
Mekanik Dayanıklılık Mekanik Dayanıklılık
Çatlak Köprüleme Çatlak Köprüleme

Applying vertical granules on stairs and walls.

APPLICATION AREAS Stairs Wall All vertical surfaces
  • Polyurethane based
  • Transparent
  • 4/1 Ratio
  • High Viscosity
  • Bright
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Resistant to outdoor weather conditions
  • Stanless
  • Resistant to water and snow contact
  • Does not fade or discolour over time
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